• Green silk georgette tree
  • Printed & dyed & rolled wrap
  • pink & red delight with black details
  • yellow fairy dtl
  • 3 necklaces
  • Blue wrap with 2 prints and embroidery
  • necklace
  • purple tea

I love colour&texture, clothes&textiles. I love sewing&drawing, art&travelling. I love gathering&assembling making&doing….and this is what I do! I hand-make everything myself. I design my own block prints and carve them. I  draw with my sewing machine.. free hand embroidery. I dye and mix my own colours. I love making…it’s something i’ve always been able to do. It’s even more fun to be able to wear something amazing..something colourful…& different. I only make one of a kind pieces…because we are all different.

Welcome to my story….from my hands to yours…

           Lottie Emma.xx